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Reader Reward Exclusives are HERE!

Beginning with our June 2022 releases, you'll find a Reader Reward Exclusive Mail-Away Redemption page at the end of almost every Alterna Comics single issue.

In single issues, you'll find that the page contains two "cover stamps". In Alterna GIANTS, they will contain four "cover stamps".  These cover stamps can be cut out, collected, and compiled to be redeemed for Reader Reward Exclusives that can't be found or purchased anywhere else!

Once you have enough cover stamps, simply mail them back to us along with your redemption form. 


Please allow 6 to 8 weeks to receive your redemption reward item.

Alterna Tip: Looking for a quick and easy way to accrue points?  Purchase our discounted "Reader Copies" that are sold at 50% below cover price!

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