Work-For-Hire Contact Information

Every now and then an emergency arises on a book and creators need to quickly find a new team member to help out.  This situation can be for a permanent series spot or it can be for an issue or part of an issue.

Whether you're a writer, penciler, inker, colorist, letterer, or you have another skill set -- feel free to send us some samples and information below.  If something opens up and you've got the right stuff, we'll be in touch!



Here are the guidelines...

Send a separate submission per skill set

Example: if you can ink and letter -- send us TWO complete submissions.

Upload your 3 BEST sample pages

Label your submission properly!





Send JPEGS only

*Do not send any other file type or zip folder*

Let us know your page rate AND the average time it takes you to complete ONE page.




Social Media Code of Conduct

You are required and encouraged to actively promote your title on social media.

We do not condone the use of block bots/blind blocking/block chains or any other kind of program or practice that is used to block thousands of people, blindly, en masse. 


We acknowledge that unpleasant experiences through social media, sadly do occur, and creators can block/mute individuals if they have had those unwanted and poor experiences with them. But due to the fact that you would be part of a creative team at Alterna and a team of retailers would need to be able to confidently sell your comics to as many people as possible, we have adopted a policy that discourages the use of anything that would directly affect our stance of full inclusion for readers and creators.  We have readers of all walks of life and it is paramount to us, that we encourage, promote, and stand by our mission statement that comics are for everyone.

As a creator, if you have poor experiences with anyone in relation to your work - online or otherwise - and feel that you are being threatened, please reach out to us and we'll do everything within our power to work with you on how to handle this situation.

We want all of our readers AND our creators to feel welcome.

PERMISSIONS and PRIVACY POLICY: By clicking "SEND" and uploading your submission files to us, you are granting permission to Alterna Comics to review your submission and the files/artwork associated with it. To the best of our knowledge, we understand that you own the appropriate copyright or trademarks to the submitted work and that you also hold claim to them. Alterna Comics makes no claim or attempt to own the copyright or trademarks of the works submitted or published by us. Alterna Comics promises to protect your personal information and keep your submission information and status confidential at all times. You have our promise that your submission and information will not be shared without your express written consent.

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