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Samuel Webb
May 05, 2021
A castle is attacked by a knight every night kills its inhabitants before turning to dust. This is happening nightly and the Baron seems to know more than he is letting on, not acknowledging his past sins. Join us with Knights bane, a medieval fantasy thriller written by Samuel Webb and art by Filipe Behling. Only on indiegogo
Medieval Fantasy thriller content media
Samuel Webb
Mar 09, 2021
I am looking for an artist who can pencil and ink (Colorist will not be needed) who is willing and able to draw medieval clothing, armor, and architecture. The job in question is going to be a black and white medieval fantasy thriller with a page count of 56. For this job you will have to draw from the references I give (shown below) as well as design some new, minor characters. I am only hiring for the first five pages. I just want to make sure it’s a good fit; something to show on Indiegogo. So the plan is to get five pages as a demo, to show to the audience that this is happening and that I will fulfill what they are paying for. Now payment discussion: Cover is $60. Still black and white. Some of the requirements for the job: Must be able to draw medieval clothing, armor, and architecture for it plays heavily into the story. It must be drawn to accommodate a standard American comic. Preferably 6.875 X 10.438. Social media must be provided (youtube included). Promotion on sed social media is also required. If social media account is private this is excluded. Must be Jpeg or PDF. Zip folders will automatically be deleted. Do not send me personal information (Pictures of yourself friends or family, home address etc). Email excluded to communicate, for you have to send me the information. Must be willing to draw violence. Gore is minimal, but there are maggots eating flesh in a splash (probably the most gruesome part. Blood is minimal), as well as subjects such as suicide and murder. Cannot disparage any creator attached (writer, letterer etc.) or consumers until 90 days after publication. Other things of note: I cannot afford residuals. I don’t do this out of greed, but simply because I am stretching things as it is. All things considered, you might make more money than me out of this. As to whether you are doing the cover is up in the air. We can discuss that later. You might do it, or I might go find another source. I will own the art for future printings. Characters created in comic or pages cannot be reproduced commercially. If you are interested, email me at Don’t DM me at social media or leave the pictures in the forum (questions and expression of interest are allowed and welcome). If sent on Sunday I will not respond until Monday. Now for the scripting. If you just want to be a penciler, then just send in penciling. If you want to be both, send it in inked. No need to bother with lettering, I’m hiring a letterer from elsewhere. I am not writing dialogue for the resumé pages because thats not what I am hiring you for. The character models are provided. Without any further ado: Here is the test script for Knights Bane Also dont worry, what you will be working on will have a MUCH better script. This is just to test things out. This isn’t made to be coherent, just to see if we click. BARONESS KNIGHT BARON PG. One Panel 1: we open in a stone hall with KNIGHT on the front right, and BARON (in his armor) in the back left. Both have their swords unsheathed BARONESS is on the side, some where between them. It is a long white stone hall. There are three pillars between them. I have the character design Panel 2: KNIGHT’s encompasses the entire panel Panel 3: BARON’s eyes narrow Panel 4: KNIGHT starts to walk forward, behind him is the stone wall. Panel 5: We jump to a high shot of KNIGHT walking forward Panel 6: BARONESS puts her hands over her mouth PG. Two Panel 1:KNIGHT is lunging toward the left of the panel, black lines trailing back from its tip. Panel 2: KNIGHT stabs through BARON, bloodless. Panel 3: KNIGHT starts to lower his blade, and BARON is falling down. Panel 4: KNIGHT’s helmet is falling to the ground. Panel 5: KNIGHT’s helmet hits the ground, the lower part turning to dust. Panel 6: We jump to KNIGHT’s face, a handsome man with a dark goatee. Panel 7:We pull back in a far shot with BARONESS looking at KNIGHT is starting to turn to dust, with in the background BARON’s limp body.
Artist needed for B&W medieval fantasy comic. content media

Samuel Webb

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