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Tomi Sarkkinen
Jan 19, 2021
Hi. Tomi here, also knows as Tonpa on twitter Big fan of Indie comics, crowdfunding comics and specifically promoting creator owned IP's.
Hello there content media
Tomi Sarkkinen
Jan 19, 2021
Poulton & Hilinski bring the world's most fun comic back one more time! SeaDog and Codename: Killswitch return in a new  48 page adventure from writer Mark Poulton (Graveyard Shift, Hawkman) and artist Clint Hilinski (Justice League, GI Joe, Pirate Queen)! After the events of Book I, SeaDog and the Killswitch team are hot on the trail of Shikari, who has taken refuge on the planet Tharune, homeworld of Killswitch member, StormBorn!  SeaDog and Codename: Killswitch Book II features covers by Clint Hilinski and Dan Fraga (Black Flag)! In addition, Book I is available again featuring the black and white line art from Jon Malin's Book I Cover.  In addition, the campaign features the Babe Box! Similar to the USAssassin Footlocker, the Babe Box features all of the books from both SeaDog and Codename: Killswitch Campaigns for a total of 5 books inside a collector's box with Rebel and Neon artwork on it. The box also includes sketches, trading cards and more!  Clint Hilinski Book II Cover
SeaDog and Codename: Killswitch Book II   content media

Tomi Sarkkinen

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