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Tim Shanks
May 04, 2021
I think there's a few issues with linking things around the sites. still has the spring cleaning event link that is now broken. (shouldn't this reflect the current sale going on?) the FORUM link at opens in the same page, but since it goes to there isn't a link back to (having it open in a new tab would fix that) This issue is also in the COMICS section whenever you click on a title as well as the broken link to the spring cleaning event. Is there a reason to have the 2 sites? It seems that is more a store and is more for retailers and submissions. maybe it's better to have them split idk. I just feel it isn't a smooth transition between the two. (maybe fixing the links and tabs would suffice?) I feel like the SCHEDULE page would be helpful on the site as well?.
Tim Shanks
Apr 29, 2021
My name is Tim and I'm just here to talk Alterna and Indie comics! I've always been in and out of comics. I tried in the 80's (probably 86-88) and just couldn't keep up or catch up. I did like Spider-Man back then. but I mostly had a random assortment of weird horror or sci-fi stuff. I tried again in the 90's (92-94) with the Image boom, and while the art was amazing, so much of it was hollow storytelling to me. I kept trying to dip my toes into it every so often after that but nothing stuck. Still, something about Comics always intrigued me. Anyways, A few years ago I stumbled upon a YouTube video about "Best Non-Super Hero books" or something like that and was surprised that I was interested in most of them. Of course The Walking Dead was on the list and numerous others like Sin City and Maus and a host of others. I guess I never dug deep enough into comics to realize there was more than just super heroes. Now I have a small but neat collection of graphic novels and singles that are mostly of the non-super hero variety. In my search for more interesting stories I've discovered lots of indie works, particularly on Indiegogo. I first heard about Alterna from one of the YouTube streams I follow...I don't remember which. but didn't buy anything until the "Because you Demanded It" campaign. I like the short series format of many books at Alterna, I think everything is better when it ends.

Tim Shanks

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