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Randy Scribner
May 28, 2021
This project comes from a friend of mine Jeff Messer it looks pretty cool to me. I figure I'll share this with everybody else check it out. Sex, Spies, & Rock 'n Roll anthology comic books, via @Kickstarter Get drawn into the comic for $200 A retro SPY caper anthology book with multiple stories included! Cold War Espionage meets rock and roll. Do you miss the hottest days of the Cold War? Do you love 80's Pop Music? Do dashing secret agent with great gadgets get you going? How about sexy super spies and femme fatales? Well, do we have a comic book anthology for you! No super heroes, only super spies! 44 pages (or more!) of great Spy capers, and acts of intrigue and espionage await you here! The kind of comics that "they just don't do anymore!" We're doing it. Spies! Secrets! Guns! Girls! Gadgets! Fast-paced, breezy storytelling, with heart and humor to match the thrills
Sex, Spies, & Rock 'n Roll anthology comic  content media
Randy Scribner
May 12, 2021
After collecting DVDs and blu-rays I really kicked up my Blu-ray collection in the past 2 years in the past 2 months I've noticed a lot of my favorite films that I've been collecting have been made by 20th century Fox. This includes office space, The princess Bride, all the Mel Brooks films seem to be stamped with 20th century Fox and MGM, Man on fire, The boondock saints, and so on oh I forgot the one that came yesterday big trouble and Little China. I guess my point is if you know anything about Disney they like to put movies away into their vault. so if you want these movies now is the time to buy them I have no idea if they'll be streaming in the future even if these movies are streaming now there's a good chance the Disney will lock these films up. Also I forgot Ford versus Ferrari and Lucas film made Tucker a man in his dreams. Have fun collecting the movies you love if any of these movies are movies you either grew up with and love and get them while you still can whether that's DVD Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray.
20 century Fox now owned by Disney content media
Randy Scribner
Jan 22, 2021
Hi guys nice message board 👍 content media