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I started drawing officially in 2009, but it wasn't until 2017 that I really began to invest my time into it as a possible career. As an artist, I want to create pieces that move peoples hearts and tell fantastic stories. Whether it be through comics, illustration or writing, I hope you all enjoy what's to come. Many of my works are an expression of self, and my ideals. Discovieries of the world, mystical and whimsical ideas that flood and flow from my mind on a daily basis. Mythology, Science, Fantasy, Spiritualism and "Truths" to put it in a sense. Each piece has a message ,each word I type has meaning and intent. I want others to feel and understand that, and to learn from it not just as readers, or comic book lovers. But as artisans of inspiration. Keep on, keeping on. Keep moving forward. Create. - Negikun Arts

Negikun Arts

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