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Negikun Arts
Jan 25, 2021
It's good to be here. I'm happy to say I'm currently open for working on illustraton for books, comics and more for those who would have me. I work on an hour by hour basis, most prices are determined by complexity and type. If you're curious about my terms of service, you can see via links below. My TOS and Commission Info can be found here: Any finished personal projects and some finished commissions can be found here: You can find most of my portfolio links on my Carrd.
Freelance Illustrator - Open for private and commercial commissions! content media
Negikun Arts
Jan 25, 2021
Hello friends! I'm excited to be here as a part of the Alterna community. I've followed Peter and Alterna for a good while now and I'm extremely excited to be able to come to a place where fans of comics, manga and artists that make them can all join this forum. The world needs expression and art more than ever, so I am proud to take part. Exusiai rushes through the battlefield, determined! Arknights Fanart - ©NegikunArts 2020 I go by Negikun, I'm a Freelance Illustrator and Aspiring comic/manga writer. Growing up, I loved to escape to the world of fantasy. Whether it was comics, books, movies, cartoons and even roleplay; I was always consuming and creating art. ???? - ©NegikunArts 2020 Fueled by immense inspiration, I've always had stories I've wanted to share with others. It brought me joy to leave those messages through my illustrations. Fate - ©NegikunArts 2020 However, sometimes a single image isn't enough. Illustration has been the focus of my art for as long as I can remember, and now I'm working towards using that knowledge and the skills I have gathered over the years to make my very own comic/manga as well. Though it may not be what you're all accustomed to here, I'm happy to be able to share it and experience everyone else's art too. You can see more about me and my portfolio at my Carrd here!
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Negikun Arts
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