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Jason Hunt
Jan 22, 2021
So... formal introductions are in order, I guess. My name is Jason, and I've been a sci-fi fan for 45 years. (hi, Jason) I'm the editor of and -- started in 2009 as a potential competitor for the newly branded Syfy.... (long story short, that didn't work out) My goal has always been to provide a space where we can cover and discuss the news within the science fiction, fantasy, and horror spaces without the political and identarian gatekeeping. The very antithesis of The Mary Sue, io9, Bleeding Cool, and other sites that wear their politics on their multi-pronoun sleeves. The staff is made up of volunteers from different backgrounds and points of view. We come together in a common appreciation for the genre. Even though our opinions my differ on things like Doctor Who or The Last Jedi, no one has been challenged to a duel yet. Ours is not the typical YouTube presence. I approach it like a TV channel that happens to be on YouTube, not a YouTube channel that's a YouTube channel. Maybe that works against us, but I think we deliver a different sort of value that you don't get anywhere else. I'm pushing to get more reviews on the dot-com side of things, as well as more interviews on our news and talk shows. You're all welcome to stop by and check it out.
Jason Hunt
Jan 22, 2021
Just tried uploading a video of our latest promo. The uploader is hanging at 99%. Haven't tried linking in a YouTube file yet. I may try that in a bit.
Jason Hunt
Jan 21, 2021
I'm hoping everyone's experience shipping comics will translate into what we're trying to do. In March, we plan to launch a campaign to crowdfund a print edition in the style of the old STARLOG magazine. Now, a lot of comics creators have shipped, and I know a lot of you are big on the Gemini mailer. What's the best equivalent for magazine (A4) size books? I've found what I *think* is what we'd need to use, but I'm looking for suggestions to backstop my own research. Also, if you were going to back a STARLOG type of genre magazine: What would you want to read in it? What perks would you suggest to go along with the book? Thanks in advance. Sign up for our newsletter.
Jason Hunt
Jan 19, 2021
Some of you have already been guests on our shows (everyone survived the experience, even Peter!). SciFi4Me has been covering science fiction, fantasy, and horror since 2009. We model our style on ye olde STARLOG magazine, and we keep our news coverage absent any political agendas. No gatekeeping, no gotchas. Our mission is to provide objective, accurate news and well-reasoned opinions without malice or prejudice. You can disagree with us, and we won't call you names. We respect the fan community, and we promise to deliver top quality news and opinion, and we'll make sure you know the difference between the two. We're open to interviewing creators about your projects. Whether it's a new title at Alterna, a new crowdfunding campaign, or some other project that may not even be related to comics, we're standing by to give you a chance to talk about it. Even if you aren't creating anything, we're always hoping to expand our audience. You can find us at and -- check us out!
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Jason Hunt
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