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Jim McDonald
Jan 31, 2021
The XII #7 is the second issue of the second story arc. This time focusing on a pair of twins, Michael and Nathan. This is another solid issue of, in my opinion one of the more underrated series from Alterna. Nathan and Michael have left the community that they were raised in, which is now suffering from some kind of plague, in the hopes of finding a better life. Unfortunately the plague appears to be following them, and the brutal and harsh life on the road is throwing obstacles in there way. This issue had a nice flow to it, and a sense of urgency and dread that kept me engaged. The one violent confrontation was both exhilarating and tragic, and really captures the harshness of the world Nathan and Michael inhabit. I also liked the use of the green color tunes, to inject a feeling of the sickness that has infected every part of this world. This issue and series is a recommend.
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Jim McDonald
Jan 30, 2021
My names is Jim McDonald. Really got into Alterna around the time they started doing newsprint. Current favorite titles Blood Realm, XII, and Can't Kill Kade.
Jim McDonald
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