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A graduate of the Boston based Butera School of Art. I've freelanced as a professional illustrator going on 30 years. Working diligently with large and small companies and personal clients across America and abroad. Most of my work has focussed in the field of advertising (comps, tv boards). Though I've also done storyboards/keyframes for production houses and an animation studio. I've worked on the popular Marvel Comics license through Upper Deck trading cards as well as a Hasbro Transformers set. I am a traditional hand drawing illustrator working in the mediums of pencil, watercolor, marker , ink and photoshop. My years of working with various creatives has instilled in me a intuitive nature of understanding what a client is looking for. As well as enabling me to offer a perspective on how to approach a project.

Which allows me to balance out the most stressful of situations and assure the hirer that the work will get done- No matter what.

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