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T.R. Racki
Jan 30, 2021
Hi All! Just wanting to shamelessly plug ZU Tiles early before it becomes Alterna Distribution's top tabletop game (wink wink, nudge nudge). Pete has been putting up with me since the dawn of time... or well 2016 anyhow. You may have seen a promo for Crowned! or My My Tenshi Life here and there in Alterna stuff. Those are my doing. In May 2019 I started working for ZU Studios in the art department. Last year their flagship game, ZU Tiles: Hime launched. I'm really proud of how everything came together after encountering so many setbacks, hurdles, and gatekeepers. If you enjoy TCG games like Magic or Pokemon, you may really like ZU Tiles. The game is available for purchase through your local game stores. If your store doesn't stock it, let them know that they can order from Bridge Distribution or Golden Distribution. You can also purchase online from Amazon, eBay, Game Kastle and others. Or you can wait until this summer and start pestering Alterna Distribution to carry the game and then buy copies from your LCS and make poor Pete have to talk about tabletop games. Oh yeah, ZU was named a top new game at GAMA Expo 2020 and top 10 game of 2020 by Minimum Player Count.
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