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Mar 24, 2021
Hello everyone. Since Belle, asked for me to post this some weeks ago, I finally got the time to upload some of the things I did trying to use some of the lore and creatures of Robert Geronimo's Blood realm, into a Pathinder 1st edition (D&D rpg 3.5 alternate) rules for a current running chronicle. I just have to say that this is a work in progress and I have still to refine and balance the stats as the encounters directs me to the appropiate levels for the Satryans, Iron Wolves characters, etc. I also used the Map that Robert has kindly included on the comic as a starting point and have filled or relocated some things. Please note that some or most of it is in spanish since its my players born language, I may translate some things as needed. And give my poor english translations back from the spanish here for you to read.
Jan 22, 2021
Since most of you know me as simenon7 from youtube and ver 2.0 or the new clone Simenon8 it's still not available I've decided to appear on the forum as... Simenon7. My real name in case you're wondering is Zeus Ramos (not the full name, that's too long, you know, Spanish names) and I'm not as huge nerd as Pedro Caicedo whose 6'4 he brags about, but I'm longer on the tooth. Anyway just stopping by to say hi to everyone and looking forward to old and new comic book discussions in here.