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Nathaniel Chen
Apr 19, 2021
A dead body. A stolen map. A notorious outlaw. A thorny situation for some, but for Sheriff Mark Pendleton it's Tuesday. He's used to murders and claim jumping in Hexwood but the murder of Sam Jenkins quickly turns into more than he bargained for. Frank Dugan and the Red Band Gang, the most successful train robbers in the West, are on his doorstep and up to some sort of mischief. And unfortunately for Mark a big name like Frank Dugan won't keep lesser bad men away. Even as he chases Dugan's gang and tries to unravel his plans things in Hexwood are going badly awry. With only two deputies he's short handed and behind the ball. Something's bound to give. Life is never easy for a small town in the West. But if Mark can't get things sorted out there'll be nothing left of Hexwood save dust and ashes.
Nathaniel Chen
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