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Spencer Desmond
Alterna Creator
Alterna Creator
Feb 22, 2021
Hey everyone! Spencer here, writer/letterer and co-creator of Voidwalker. Just dropping in for my first post on the Alterna forums. Wanted to drop a first post and say thank you to everyone who has picked up Voidwalker and continued on this weird little journey with us. If it weren't for all of you rad Alterna readers, Voidwalker wouldn't be where it is today. Now for the fun stuff. Things have been crazy busy on my end but I couldn't hold off any longer, too many secrets eats away at the soul. Kristian and I are working on the collected edition for the first 4 issue trade, it'll be available as a preorder on Indiegogo with the Alterna newsprint edition as well. I'm hard at work on scripting new issues of Voidwalker and the future of the Ransomverse in general. All good things including more isolated self contained stories and possibly some familiar faces. Last but not least, a little art reveal for the collected edition trade cover with no trade dress to show off Kristian's art in all it's glory. Trade dress reveal will come with the Indiegogo prelaunch. Time to crawl back in my hole for a bit. Keep creating and reading comics. "Death is a spectrum, are you ready to explore it?"
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