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Joe 'Albino Thunderbuns' Fulton
May 06, 2021
Howdy, Alternates! This morning on my YouTube show, Fultonland Live, my co-host Russ Leach and I chatted with Publishin' Pete about how Alterna has been successfully increasing sales year-over-year for several years in a row, while corporate comics publishers have seen their sales numbers decrease in that same timeframe. I also mentioned that I'm going to pull an Alterna-specific trivia question from the show and give the audience in next week's show (Thursday at 1pm Est/10am Pac) a chance to win a bundle of Alterna comics that I'll assemble from my personal stockpile and ship out free of charge. Anyone can win the comics as long as they are the first one to post the correct answer in the chat after I ask the trivia question. I'll ask the winner some questions to determine which kinds of comics they would like, and I'll put a bundle together that I think best suits their interest. You're all invited to check out the replay of the show here: If you enjoy the show, feel free to give it a Thumbs Up, Subscribe to the Fultonland channel, and tune in every Thursday at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific (or the replay at your convenience) for interesting conversations and new art reveals for The Outliers, a classic superhero comic that's in production now. Disclaimer: Neither Alterna Comics nor Peter Simeti have anything to do with the Alterna comic giveaway on my channel. It's something I'm doing on my own for people that watch the show.
Joe 'Albino Thunderbuns' Fulton
Mar 29, 2021
I bought a page of Mighty Mascots original art and a cereal box from Keith at an auction on Saturday, and I received notification this morning that it's already been shipped and should arrive in my hands Thursday night. Customer service done right -- thanks, @Keith Gleason !
Joe 'Albino Thunderbuns' Fulton
Jan 22, 2021
Beta test, beta test, beta test. Ok, back to making comics. Cheers!
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Joe 'Albino Thunderbuns' Fulton

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