Printing Partnership Program

Looking to get your single issue comic printed with us?

Piggyback onto our newsprint runs and save big!

Who is this program for?


*Small press indie creators.

*Publishers that would like to offer convention exclusives.

*Creators who want to print a minimum of 500 copies of their comic.

*Projects that are shipping within the United States.

Who is this program not for?

*Creators that are looking for distribution and publishing (this is strictly a printing program -- Alterna insignia will not be placed on your comics, nor will we sell, publish, edit, or distribute your comic).

*Publishers/creators that have distribution and specific and exact deadlines that need to be met. 

*Projects that are shipping outside the United States. Due to many logistical hurdles, we unfortunately can't offer this program for books that would have to be shipped outside the US.


Book details and page specs

***Books MUST be printed with the following specs. No exceptions.***

Saddle-stitched (stapled spine)

Cover stock: 60# gloss

Interior stock: 35# hibrite (80 bright newsprint)

Live area (important imagery and text): 5.5" x 9"

Trim-size: 6.625" x 10.2"

Full bleed: 7.125" x 10.7" (quarter inch bleed on all sides)


Interior page counts need to be divisible by 8.

Your comic can be as short as 8 pages or as long as 128 pages (8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, etc.)

Cover includes cover, back cover, inside front cover, and inside back cover -- cover files do not count towards the interior page count


***Must match the following. No exceptions.***

PSD or TIFF files

300dpi to 600dpi high resolution print-ready

CMYK format for colored pages

GRAYSCALE format for bw pages

Folders should be named as follows: "TITLE#_LASTNAME"

Files should be named as follows: "page01" "page02" "page10" "page11" "cover" "insidefrontcover" etc.


ALL TEXT must remain on a separate layer. If text is not on a separate layer, we will reject your files as we will not be able to properly prepare them for press. Text should be anti-aliased with "crisp" or "sharp" settings if possible otherwise your text will print jagged and stepped.  Ideally, text layers should remain active and not flattened/rasterized to ensure highest quality.  We can take rasterized text layers if necessary, but please be aware that quality may suffer.  (Click here for information on active layers)

Print Samples

If you've never seen or held one of our single issues, we recommend watching the video above (or some of our other videos on YouTube), ordering one of our comics off of our site store or seeing if a local comic shop near you carries Alterna.

Physical Proofs

Most of the cost of web press printing is from the set-up process, labor, plating, and operation cost of the machinery. Unfortunately due to the initially expensive nature of web press printing, we cannot provide a physical proof that would match the end product. So instead, we are sent a PDF proof from our printer and we examine that to make sure everything is good to go.

Turnaround Time

Once books go to press, turnaround time is very fast -- about 2 weeks.  Due to our scheduling though, we require your files THREE MONTHS in advance from their ideal delivery to you. If you cannot get us your files with enough lead-in time, we will not be able to send your book to print. Please do not ask us to adjust this lead-in time.

Prepress Flat Fee

A flat fee of $50 (regardless of page count) to prepare your files to ensure proper newsprint production.

If your book requires additional preparation other than color adjustments for newsprint (page layout, design, formatting, flipbook prep, trim adjustments, etc.) then an additional $25 charge may be added to your invoice.


*Estimated Pricing

Comic interiors must print in increments of 8 pages -- covers are not included in page count

The following are estimates for Full Color or Black and White (there is no difference in price)

Minimum runs start at 500 and pricing is prorated.

*Save a penny per unit if you elect to allow us to put an inside front cover, inside back cover, OR back cover ad in your book

Most popular pricing option:

32 pages

500 comics = 80 cents a piece

+$300 for every 500 additional comics

*Please note that a 32 page count is the most cost effective option we have, because that is our most popular book size. Due to additional charges from our printer ($150 to $200 depending on book size) to setup their system for different page counts, we recommend trying to print your book at a 32 page count.  The cost in paper and shipping savings that you'll receive from a lesser page count, for instance, is often negated by the setup charge.*

Looking for an exact quote for a different page count?

Fill out the form on the bottom of this page!

Shipping Costs

Once we receive your files, we'll need your delivery address in order to get exact shipping estimates for you.

Most quantities of 1000 or less will ship via FedEx Ground, UPS, or USPS.

This depends on destination and weight (which is dependent on total page count).

1000 quantities of an 80 page book will cost more to ship, than 1000 quantities of an 8 page book.

The average domestic cost of shipping a box of 100 to 140 comics, is generally between $20 to $25 a box.

For higher quantity jobs of 2000 or more, shipping via FREIGHT is a helpful cost-saving option.

Printer Errors and Shipping Damages

Though rare, mistakes do happen.  If there is a printer error or there are excessive damages through shipping (more than 10% of your order) then we'll let the printer know and do our best to get you a refund or reprint.  While we can't guarantee our printer will honor any and all claims, we do know that they've done their best for us in the past and often try to make things right however they can. Because of the fact that damages can occur and it is far more expensive to go back to print than have a higher initial run, we always recommend ordering more than you will need.

Schedule & Availability

Make sure to get us your Printing Partnership order at least 3 months before your requested delivery date.

Ready to go? Upload below!

Do you have multiple books? Please make sure to fill out and send multiple forms and to also send multiple zip folders. One zip folder for each book/issue. Thanks!

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