Printing Partnership Program


Do not use this service if:

  • this is the first comic you've ever printed.

  • you do not know the difference between RGB and CMYK.

  • you are a publisher with distribution deadlines.

  • you live outside the United States.

  • you are unfamiliar with printing terms like "full bleed" "trim size" "live area" "resolution" "margins" "active layers".

  • you've never handled or seen a newsprint comic.

  • you aren't able to send your files digitally.

  • you aren't able to separate black text from the rest of the page.

  • your print run is less than 500 copies.

Books will be printed with the following specs, no exceptions.

  • Saddle-stitched (stapled spine)

  • Cover stock: 60# gloss

  • Interior stock: 35# hibrite (80 bright newsprint)

If any of the below formatting criteria is not met, we will not move forward with printing your book:

  • Live area (important imagery and text): 5.5" x 9"

  • Trim-size: 6.625" x 10.2"

  • Full bleed: 7.125" x 10.7" (quarter inch bleed on all sides)

  • Interior page counts in increments of 8 (up to 128 pages) -- cover does not count towards the interior page count.

  • PSD or TIFF files

  • 300dpi minimum resolution; 600dpi maximum resolution

  • CMYK format for colored pages

  • GRAYSCALE format for black & white pages

  • Colored page files should have two layers

    • 1 layer for the black text

    • 1 layer for everything else

  • Black and white/grayscale page files should be flattened to 1 layer

  • Folders should be named as follows: "TITLE#_LASTNAME"

  • Files should be named as follows: "page01" "page02" "page10" "page11" "cover" "insidefrontcover" etc.

Page Template Guidelines


Print Samples

We do not provide print samples.

You can purchase one of our latest comics here to judge the quality for yourself.


Physical proofs are not provided.

We will provide (1) free PDF proof upon request.

Any file changes that need to be made after a digital proof is sent will incur a charge of $5 per page.

Additional PDF proofs will cost $10 per proof.

Turnaround Time

Generally it takes 6 to 8 weeks from the time that files are sent to the printer to the time you'll receive your books.  In the past, this turnaround time was much shorter but due to restrictions in place as a result of the pandemic response, printing and shipping times have doubled. 

Prepress Flat Fee

A flat fee of $50 (regardless of page count) to prepare your files to ensure proper newsprint production.


Miscellaneous Fees

  • $125 cover variant plate change fee (minimum of 250 copies per variant cover; minimum 500 total copies overall)

  • $175 additional setup charge for any interior page count other than 32 pages. 

    • There is no additional setup charge for a 32 page interior.

    • There is no difference in pricing for full color or black & white interiors.

  • Save a penny per unit if you allow us to put an ad on the inside front cover, inside back cover, or back cover of your book.


Shipping Costs

For quantities of 500 to 2000:

  • $20 to $25 per box of 100 comics shipped via UPS Ground.

For quantities higher than 2000:

  • $10 to $15 per box of 100 comics shipped via freight service.

Printer Errors and Shipping Damages

Though rare, mistakes do happen.  If there is a printer error or there are excessive damages through shipping (more than 10% of your order) then we'll let the printer know and do our best to get you a refund or reprint.  While we can't guarantee that our printer will honor any claims, we do know that they've done their best for us in the past and often try to make things right however they can. Because of the fact that damages can occur and it is far more expensive to go back to print than have a higher initial run, we always recommend ordering more than you will need.


Make sure to get us your Printing Partnership order at least 3 months before your requested delivery date.

Upload ONE test page formatted to our requirements


Do you have multiple books? Please make sure to fill out and send multiple forms and to also send multiple zip folders. One zip folder for each book/issue. Thanks!

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