Fan Art Submissions

If you'd like to send in fan art of our characters, we'd love to see it!

As long as the artwork doesn't contain any strong language or nudity, we'd also be happy to publish it in an issue of IT CAME OUT ON A WEDNESDAY or in one of our letters columns that appears in the back of each issue.


Here are the guidelines...

Artwork must be 300 dpi minimum; 600 dpi preferred

TIFF, PSD, or PDF file type

Make sure to label the file with your full name.

Sending multiple files? Label them with your full name and the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

*Do not send in JPEGS or ZIP folders

Success! Message received.

PERMISSIONS and PRIVACY POLICY: By clicking "SEND" and uploading your submission files to us, you are granting permission to Alterna Comics to review your submission and the files/artwork associated with it. To the best of our knowledge, we understand that you own the appropriate copyright or trademarks to the submitted work and that you also hold claim to them. Alterna Comics makes no claim or attempt to own the copyright or trademarks of the works submitted or published by us. Alterna Comics promises to protect your personal information and keep your submission information and status confidential at all times. You have our promise that your submission and information will not be shared without your express written consent.