Sing the praises of your favorite United States comic shop and we'll send them a care package along with a note from you to let 'em know how appreciated they are!

Our care package will include:

  • (10) comic books

  • (1) graphic novel

  • (1) 11x17 poster

  • (1) window cling

  • A letter of thanks that also includes your message below!

Comic shops will be added to a list below along with a tally of how many customers have wrote in to have a care package sent to their favorite shop.

Shops that receive 3 or more nominations will be added to our list to receive 20 FREE COMICS in time for Free Comic Book Day (the first Saturday in May).  These books will be 100% free to the retailer to use however they see fit -- just a small way of thanking them for a job well done.