Retailer Buyback & Trade-In Program

This program has been designed exclusively for retailers in the United States that carry Alterna Comics single issues.  Due to the high cost of international shipping, we unfortunately are not able to honor buyback or trade-ins from retailers that are outside of the United States.

Buyback/trade-in terms:

*Retailers have the option of being offered a buyback at $1 each OR a trade-in of similar value based on cover price. Example:  A retailer has 20 single issues, each with a cover price of $1.50. They can receive $20 as a buyback OR a trade-in credit for 20 single issues or a combination of single issues and graphic novels that total out at approximately the proportional and equal retail value.

*Issues must have a release date of at least 2 months but no later than 1 year. 

*Issues must be in resellable condition (Fine to Mint condition) when we receive them.

*If issues arrive to us damaged and in less than "Fine" condition, we can offer a 50% trade-in credit.

*Retailer is responsible for shipping and handling costs to Alterna.

*Alterna is responsible for shipping and handling costs to retailer.

We will entertain all buyback/trade-in offers on our single issue comics that meet the above criteria and will do our best to honor all requests. We are not currently set up to buyback graphic novels and trade paperbacks.

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