Do you have a product or service that you think our readers would love? Advertising in our comic books is a great way to reach a new audience!  Unlike other forms of print advertising, comic book ads are highly effective at brand awareness because readers go through the entire comic, unlike magazines where most readers tend to skip large portions that they are not interested in.


Ages of 7 - 12 on All Ages comics

Ages of 12 and up on Young Adult comics

Ages of 17 and up on Mature Themed comics

Our readers are generally familiar with social media and also love supporting the works of independent creators and small businesses -- making Alterna Comics titles a particularly great place to advertise for any indie comic, film, musician, artist, author, web store, or local business that has a website or crowdfunding campaign.

File Format

TIFF, PSD, or PDF at 300 dpi

Payment Type

Payments for ads can be made via PayPal (preferred) or check.

Ad Sizes and Costs

1/4 page (3.31 x 5.1) - $25

1/2 page (6.625 x 5.1) - $65

Full page (6.625 x 10.2) - $100

Inside Back Cover (6.625 x 10.2) - $125

Inside Front Cover (6.625 x 10.2) - $150

Back Cover (6.625 x 10.2) - $200

Please remember to add .25 inches all around for bleed.

Do not add .125 inches all around -- for newsprint, the bleed coverage required is larger.

Multi-Ad Discount

Place any combination of ads in 3 or more books and get a 10% discount on your total.

Advertise in 10 or more books and get a 20% discount.

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